Welcome to Pastel Pretty!

Pastel Pretty is a cute little brand created and ran by a pink obsessed, sparkle loving woman called Emma. Who is me, hello! This is my own small slice of the internet to talk about things I find interesting and, more importantly, to bring you adorable products. I mostly source from China, Japan and South Korea but also like to offer you handmade goodies created by yours truly!

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The History of Pastel Pretty


  • The beginnings of Pastel Pretty really has to be attributed to mid 2013 when I was first inspired to make and sell jewellery. However, I was at university at the time and so nothing ever came of it.


  • Jump forward to October 2016 when my partner and I were at Raicon, a local convention. She had gotten an artist table and I was her helping hand for the day. While helping out and seeing everyone else at their tables, I realised I wanted my own one too! I revisited and tweaked my old plans, then bought a charm material sample pack soon after. My very first purchase towards building Pastel Pretty.



  • In March, I had built up my first selection of stock and now I was back at Raicon at my own table under the name Magickbox.
  • Not too long after that in June, I opened my Etsy shop and then worked on increasing my stock selection while selling at other cons.


  • I started a blog on WordPress in January and worked on that alongside running my Etsy and looking into selling non-handmade products.
  • Moving on to November, I was at Raicon with my first Dealers table so that I could start selling my new non-handmade products!
  • In that same month, my blog became officially self hosted on this very site.


  • I continued to sell in Dealers Halls and increased my non-handmade stock as I had done previously for my handmade stock.
  • In June I went to SunnyCon Newcastle which was my first 3 day event AND my first convention outside of Scotland.
  • Then in September I sold at MCM Scotland, my first ever MCM event.


  • On the 1st of July I finally launched my own stand alone online store, selling all types of products!
  • Soon after in August, I officially changed my name from Magickbox to Pastel Pretty to more accurately reflect what my store had become.


It’s been a crazy and exciting few years but hopefully this is just the beginning. I have and will always sell things that make me happy and I hope they make you happy too!