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September is well and truly underway and with it will probably come lots… and lots… and lots of rain. I recently bought a super cute umbrella and wanted to share my joyous find with you all. However, instead of simply sharing a photo on social media, I decided to see what other cute brolly designs the high street had to offer!

Turns out the high street has a lot of black, plain and leopard print designs to offer and not so many cute ones… This has made my list a little small but how many brollies does one really need!


5. Transparent Umbrella from H&M


Even though the design is basically plain, I find the transparency interesting since you can see the entire frame. I also like the cute white accent edge that matches with the tip and the adorable traditional handle. You can get this for £9.99 at H&M.


4. Panda Umbrella from Paperchase

Clearly I’m having a thing right now for transparent umbrellas because here we go again! This time though there are added pandas so of course I’m going to love it. This is from Paperchase for £14 – apparently they sell brollies.


3. Doodle Cat Print Supermini Umbrella from Debenhams


Come on now this is obviously on the list! The pink? Adorable. The cats? Adorable. I even love the wooden handle. This umbrella is by the Totes brand but you can get it in Debenhams for £12.


2. Pusheen Umbrella from Claire’s

So what beats pink and cats then? Pink and a very specific cat! It’s lots of little Pusheens with little umbrellas ON a little umbrella! On top of that, I like that this has a silver frame and matching pink handle to keep the overall colour palette light. You can get your own Pusheen brolly from Claire’s for £12.


1. Pink Bee Umbrella from New Look

After Pusheen this may seem like a step down for a lot of people but… I love bees far too much to not have this as my number 1! This is actually the umbrella I bought for myself completely on impulse because it’s PINK and BEES. I would have loved if the handle had been pink too but there are bees (did I mention that already?) so I can forgive. This is from New Look for £7.99.


I would love to know which one is your favourite on the list and whether you have spotted any other adorable high street brollies!

Stay dry everyone! x


Base image by Chaitawat Pawapoowadon from Pixabay.

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