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By now most of us will have come across the much talked about Strawberry Dress. If you haven’t, you should definitely go have a look. It’s pink, it’s frilly, it’s strawberry covered and the internet loves it!

This hit dress was created by fashion designer Lirika Matoshi whose website features other unique and eccentric handmade fashion creations. However she isn’t the only Matoshi fashion designer! Her elder sister Teuta Matoshi is a designer of “whimsically feminine gowns” and has an extensive collection of handmade dresses available.

Finding this out naturally led to me searching through every single dress from both sisters because who can resist looking at pretty dresses! After singling out far too many dresses I decided to share my favourite 10 with you all. Inevitably this list contains mostly Teuta dresses since she has the most extensive collection.

You will no doubt see a general colour and style theme because I definitely have a dress type.

Let’s get started!


10. Blush Mademoiselle Gown by Teuta Matoshi


A beautiful pink lemonade colour, sequins and soft, subtle sleeves. Of course it’s a favourite.


9. Pretty Roses Gown by Teuta Matoshi


I love how chaotic and bold this dress is with it’s massive over sized sleeves, vivid embroidered roses and large pleated trim. It gives me Mediterranean vibes and the dramatic pose of the model is a perfect match for it.


8. Strawberry Midi Dress by Lirika Matoshi


Yes it’s the now famous dress itself. I’m slightly concerned about being shouted at for having this dress quite low down on my list! It’s beautiful don’t get me wrong, the sleeves are adorable, the shape is lovely and I already have a perfect bag to match! However you’ll hopefully understand once you see the ones to come.


7. Treasure Island Gown by Teuta Matoshi


I feel this gown has been perfectly named. It looks exactly like it belongs on a powerful, treasured island Queen. The drape of the gown is so elegant and the embroidery colour, design and placement is just enough to give off those powerful Queen vibes. I love it!


6. Melita Hearty Gown by Teuta Matoshi


This dreamy dress is fit for a princess with its baby pink colour, delicate drape, all over heart design but especially those giant puffy sleeves! I want to wear this and run through castle halls without a care in world.


5. Antique Sage by Teuta Matoshi


You may notice that this dress is a little different in style compared to all the previous dresses and (spoiler alert) the remaining few to come. I am a definite fan of sleeves so this dress is a bit of an anomaly for me. However I just couldn’t resist the combination of the green velvet bodice, pink tulle skirt, handmade embroidered flowers and the overall woodland fairy vibe it gives me.


4. Teuta Dress by Lirika Matoshi


Definitely a more practical, everday dress here from Lirika but at the same time, if we lengthen the skirt you could imagine it being a creation from Teuta. Perhaps that’s why Lirika went and named this dress after her sister. It’s high up on my list because of the pull of practicality; I could (and would) realistically wear this every chance I got!


3.Β  Venetian Princess Gown by Teuta Matoshi


As much as I adore pastels and pink in particular, red is an old, persistent love of mine. I love its vibrancy and passion. As well as this dress being a gorgeous shade of red, I love its shape, balloon sleeves and embroidered details. I just want to sweep my way down some old, beautiful Italian walkways in this dress.


2. Pink Mimosa Beaded Gown by Teuta Matoshi


We’re quickly back to pink with this heavenly dress. I’m a sucker for pearl beading and this certainly gives me that! The bodice is adorable, the balloon sleeves are adorable, the flow is adorable and then you have the slight see through skirt and wide v-neck. It feels so innocently cheeky. I love it!


1. Magnolia Dots Gown by Teuta Matoshi


I am in absolute love with this dress. I need to own this dress. I want to get married in this dress. It’s just pure perfection for me; the polka dot tulle, the button up detail, the near complete but part see through coverage, the balloon sleeves, the lace detailing, the beautiful drape and the velvet ribbon belt. If I could design my perfect dress, I feel like this would be close to it.


If you enjoyed looking through these gorgeous dresses I definitely recommend visiting the designers sites to see the rest of them. It was so difficult to narrow my favourites to just 10!

Do you have any you would put on the list? Any on mine you would swap around? Please let me know!

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