Major Store Update!

Magickbox has changed so much from how it first started out; not everything is handmade, there are a lot more products and the focus isn’t on jewellery anymore.

I actually created the name Magickbox to be reminiscent of jewellery box since I started out selling mostly jewellery. With this no longer being the case, I have decided the Magickbox name needs to change as well. I have been considering this for quite a while, even before I launched my online store. However in true Emma fashion, I couldn’t make my mind up!

I’ve finally decided (obviously) that this is the direction I need to go in. I feel it’s also important for it to happen now, before my store is open under the Magickbox name for much longer. I will be swapping things over this week once I have finalised all my new graphics and sorted my new domain name. Look out for my social media handles changing too!

I’m leaving my new name a surprise however until everything is live because I’m cruel! I really do hope you all like it though.

See you all very soon under my new name!


Base header image by Icons8 team from Pixabay

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