…a Mascot?

Hello! I hope everyone has been keeping well during these crazy times.

If you have been on the website recently you may have noticed a few changes. Along with some cheeky product previews, one of these changes has been a friendly little face popping up here and there! I’m here today to officially introduce you to her so without further ado, here is Magickbox’s adorable mascot Magicat!

She is the happiest little caticorn who lives for everything cute, pastel and sparkly, and for making sure you guys have all those things in your life! You can spot her appearances on different pages around my website. Think you can find them all?

I need to thank the wonderfully talented Jijikarmaxo for bringing my little Magicat into being. Go check out her work and commission her if you have a project needing done!

Now that Magicat has made her appearance though, it can only mean one thing… we are finally ready to open up shop! The country is slowly waking up now so I feel much better about launching. With this in mind, you should definitely follow my social media channels and look out for our official opening post next week! You can follow Magickbox on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

See you all very soon!

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