My Most Anticipated Figures of 2019

Being the big loser that I am, I’m a very avid collector of scale figures. I just can’t get enough of these little pieces of molded plastic! Particularly anime figures but the occasional game or comic figure too. There are a few figures that I’m looking forward to being released this year so I thought I would compile a list for you guys. They’ll run in order of release instead of anticipation because sometimes it’s just damn hard to pick favourites. You’ll probably be able to guess my immediate favourites based on my writing anyway! I’ll also add some links to stores that currently have each figure available for pre-order because I’m nice and want you all to spend your money with me!

Hinata Hyuga – Naruto Shippuden

Just around the corner with a late March release from Megahouse, we have this gorgeous bridal Hinata figure from Naruto Shippuden. I adore this sculpt of Hinata. For the obvious reasons like her being immediately pleasant to look at and with her having a nice amount of detailing (hello kimono folds). I also like that she’s in her bridal outfit because the sculpt has left this soft, demure appearance that I think suits her. I mean let’s be honest, sculptors like to add a sexually suggestive tone to female characters and unfortunately Hinata has been no exception.

Find her at AmiAmi and Crunchyroll.
Ochako Uraraka – Boku no Hero Academia

Next we have this darling girl being released in April by Bell Fine; it’s Uraraka from Boku no Hero Academia of course! I love everything going on with this figure. She just has this different look about her compared to other anime figures. She looks softer and more cartoon like which I guess is due largely to her character design. The stand is adorable as well; the ‘Float’ addition is just perfect. I feel like I need to treat myself to her and hope they bring out a matching Bakugo figure (oops is my ship preference showing?).

Find her at AmiAmi, Nippon Yasan and Solaris Japan.

Kusuriuri – Mononoke

Also being released in April is the stunning Kotobukiya figure of Kusuriuri from Mononoke. I actually already have this figure but wanted to add him to the list because he’s gorgeous and definitely deserves this second production run. The detailing is beautiful and the stand design is so clever to support the figure without looking like a stand. There are no regular, boring stands to be seen here that’s for sure! The screen is also slightly transparent, allowing light to pass through and the silhouette of Kusuriuri to be seen from the back. Honestly just buy this figure. Even if you haven’t watched the anime (which you should) just buy the figure and thank me later! Though seriously you should watch it.

Find him at AmiAmi, Nippon Yasan and Solaris Japan.

I wrote about Mononoke here so go read that then watch it!

Ash and Eiji – Banana Fish

Our last April release features some wholesome boys love from Kotobukiya with a joint figure of Ash Lynx and Eiji Okumura from Banana Fish. I like the overall design for this figure; it’s both visually interesting and stays true to the characters personalities. Oh and look, another stand that doesn’t seem like a stand! Bonus!

Find them at Nippon Yasan and Solaris Japan.

Kenshin Himura – Rurouni Kenshin

Getting into May we have this absolutely gorgeous sculpt from Max Factory of Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin. I already have a lovely Kenshin figure from Megahouse but this one really brings things to the next level. The whole thing is just a pure delight! The sculpt is beautifully dynamic and that paint work looks damn near perfect. Simply put, he is stunning and he WILL be mine!

Find him at Crunchyroll, Nippon Yasan and Solaris Japan.

Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle – My Little Pony

These two are being released in different months but they match so they’re getting mentioned together! On the left we have Pinkie Pie and to the right we have Twilight Sparkle. Both are from My Little Pony and are being released by Kotobukiya as part of their Bishoujo range. Respectively, we have a May and August release. These next two are a bit of an anomaly for me to be honest. I’m not really into My Little Pony but I find these sculpts super adorable! I like that they feature their little pony versions too.

Find Pinkie Pie at AmiAmi, Crunchyroll, Nippon Yasan and Solaris Japan.

Find Twilight Sparkle at AmiAmi, Nippon Yasan and Solaris Japan.

Allen Walker – D. Gray Man Hollow

I’m so excited for June to roll around because that is when I get my baby boy! Aniplex are finally bringing me a high quality figure of Allen Walker from D. Gray Man! Or well, D. Gray Man Hollow but I’ve been wanting this since the original D. Gray Man anime run. I can’t hide it, this year I’m probably most looking forward to Allen coming out. I was blessed enough for Aniplex to have made my favourite character from the series (who has already been released) so Allen is going to look perfect by his side. Admittedly, I actually prefer the colour work on Allen. Versus the exclusively darker palette used for Kanda, he is a lot more balanced with the grey dice and white cloak complimenting the dark uniform.

Find him at Nippon Yasan.

Deadpool – Marvel’s Deadpool

To end with we have another figure with a second production run. This time it’s from Good Smile Company with an August release. Of course there’s no mistaking that it’s Deadpool from well, Deadpool! Somehow he has managed to evade me as I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing this majestic beauty before! I don’t really do comic figures much but I think I need him. I need to see this in real life so my brain can process just how this works as a 3D figure. I’ve been looking at photos from different angles and I’m still in disbelief. It looks incredible.

Find Twilight Sparkle at AmiAmi, Nippon Yasan and Solaris Japan.

Well that’s all the pretty pieces of plastic that I’m looking forward to hopefully owning. In terms of scale figures anyway. There are plenty of other figures that would be nice to own but my bank account will very much have a falling out with me!

What about you guys? What figures are you looking forward to being released this year?


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Cover image by Oleg Sklyanchuk CC BY-NC 2.0

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