Exciting Store Update!

The observant among you will have noticed that my site is no longer under magickboxblog.wordpress.com but is instead running from magickbox.co.uk. Which means… I officially have my own self hosted website!

Anyone who read my last post will remember that I said there was a good reason for that post being late. Well this is that reason! Websites take much longer to set up than I thought, even when it’s just a straight WordPress blog transfer. That being said there were a few bumps in the road while setting things up. I had a bit of a poor experience with my first host and ended up leaving for another one. As you would expect this slowed things down considerably!

Now that it’s here though, I’m very excited to have my new site. It currently looks similar to my WordPress blog but I will be changing the appearance and adding a shop! After all, my new products need a new shop space since non-handmade stuff can’t be put up on Etsy. My handmade items will be joining them here as well though. That way you will be able to access my blog, handmade and non-handmade items all in the same place!

It will unfortunately take me a little while to set everything up to where I want it to be. There are a lot of items that need photographed and listed and a full time job I need to go to! However I do have a lot of cute and quirky pieces waiting for you all so please be patient with me!



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