A Business Milestone

For anyone following my social media you will have seen that I was selling at Rai Con on the 3rd of November. Now, the 3rd was of course almost 2 weeks ago which makes this post very late, oops! I have a very good reason for the delay though… but all will be revealed in a later post!

I wanted to write a small post on Rai Con since it marked a special milestone for me. Though, I would generally like to write posts on future events too. They’re an important part of my life and business after all! Okay, so this milestone I mentioned. Rai Con Winter 2018 was my first event selling in the Dealers Hall with products that weren’t solely handmade!


I know, I should have made sure my table was picture perfect before snapping away but it was busy, people had already been browsing and well what’s done is done!

As you can see though, the left side of the table was predominately handmade items whilst the right side featured all the lovely new items I had sourced for the event. Most pieces are actually from Japanese brands such as Sanrio, Osumashi Poo-Chan and Hello Kitty and I was so excited to be able to offer them at my table!

I had obviously heard of Sanrio and Hello Kitty before but while looking around for things to stock I came across Osumashi Poo-chan. I totally fell in love with the brand story and knew I had to get my hands on some products!

The story goes that a little kitten called Poo-chan always waited on her owner Ayaka-chan coming back home from kindergarten. Then one day she had a great idea! What if she could be carried around like a bag so that she could always be with Ayaka-chan? This is of course why all Poo-chan products have the adorable little cat face on them. It means that Ayaka-chan can spend everyday with her Poo-chan!

Adorable right?!


Speaking of adorable, I would like to highlight one gorgeous Lolita I had the pleasure of speaking with. Of course as you would expect, there were lots of lovely Lolitas going about. However in particular I absolutely adored the co-ordinate of the lovely lady pictured above! You can catch more of her adorable co-ords on her Instagram!

Just quickly I would also like to highlight some cosplayers that caught my eye. I unexpectedly but amazingly had the joy of seeing a D. Gray Man cosplayer! D. Gray Man is one of my absolute favourite manga/animes but it’s sadly not as prevalent in the con scene as it once was. Queue my excitement at getting to see an amazing Allen Walker cosplayer who also bought a D. Gray Man charm off of me (THANK YOU AGAIN). Finally there was this unbelievable cosplay of Tokoyami from Boku no Hero. The cosplayer made the fursuit themselves and it glowed up and everything! If either of you guys read this, PLEASE contact me so I can link to you!

All in all I had a great day and was so happy at how well received my new items were. I genuinely enjoy sourcing things that I think you guys will like so I hope you will all keep an eye out for things to come.



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