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Since my overall aesthetic and blog content would suggest otherwise, this may come as a bit of a surprise but I absolutely adore Halloween! You won’t catch me dressed up at a club on the 31st of October but I do love a smaller scale house party surrounded by lots of lovely Halloween decor. As the title suggests, I have had a lot of fun looking around at this years Halloween ranges (and some regular ranges) to find my favourite Halloween Decor pieces to share with you all. So without further ado:

10.  Skull Shot Glasses

Asda Glasses

Why use regular shot glasses at Halloween when you can use tiny little skulls! These lovelies come from Asda in either a clear or smoky type finish. They are only £1 for a set of 4 so no complaints here!

9. Boo Light

Tesco BOO

I’m liking the light up words and shapes trend that’s going on at the moment so what better for Halloween than a spooky BOO light! This one is from Tesco and is £8.

LITTLE BONUS TIME. If you’re a fan of Super Mario then maybe you’d prefer this Boo light!

8. Cat Skeleton

Asda Cat Skeleton

I actually think this is an adorable Halloween decoration, is that weird? The little baby looks so playful and happy even if she’s just a pile of bones! She is £6 and from memory she was about a rulers length in height (the Asda site doesn’t state her specific size). There is also a dog available and some smaller animal skeletons. The observant among you will probably have noticed that the skeleton isn’t very scientifically accurate: she has ears! They look very nice on her though and I’m glad they were kept on, for cuteness sake.

7. Pyropet Candle



How about leaving this little lovely burning while you party? She’ll start off as a cute geometric kitty but slowly through the evening something creepy will emerge! You can get your own Pyropet from Attitude Clothing for £23.99 which is quite a few pennies for a candle but you do get around 20 hours burning time and a creepy decor piece at the end of it!

6. Witch Hat Napkins

John Lewis Napkins

I realise that these are such a simple idea but they are so adorably effective! They would look lovely sprinkled over the Halloween table, whether or not you intended them to be used. They are by Ginger Ray and you can get the 16 pack directly for £3.99 but John Lewis actually sell them for slightly cheaper at £3.50!

5. Skull Drinking Jars

B&M Jars


I’m actually in love with these colour combinations! Halloween doesn’t just have to mean blacks and oranges, why not throw some pink and teal in the mix! These drinking jars are obviously perfect for Halloween party guests to use, with the lid and straw or without. A great bit of fun for only £1.49 each from B&M.

4. Glass Skull Decanter


Whether you’re serving cocktails or soft drinks, these glass skull bottles are perfect for a Halloween party! There’s just something about pouring drinks from a skull that makes the whole experience so much better. You can get these for £8 from John Lewis for a good hand sized skull. Match one up with the skull shot glasses from earlier and you’re all set!

3. Eleven Bleeding Nose Candle

Eleven Candle

Here’s an interesting new take on the good old ‘blood’ drip candle: a ceramic Eleven nose drip candle! This would be a good focal piece for any Stranger Things fans having a party. As well as the candle helping with the ambience for a Halloween set up, the red wax running from her nose definitely creeps things up! Available from Firebox for a reasonable £15.99.

2. Skull Tidy

Skull Bowl

I must admit, the little play on words of ‘Keep things in your head’ attracted me to this. It did garner a little chuckle! Though it’s sold as an organiser, I think it would look stunning filled with black roses and put out on display. They’re not the cheapest at £30.99 from Wayfair but when you’re not using it for pretty Halloween decor you could always have it for its primary use as an organiser!

1. Black Cat Bowl

TKMaxx Cat Bowl2

So what’s my number 1 favourite out of all the searching I have done? A bowl. YES A BOWL! Bit anti-climatic? Perhaps but you can’t beat a good Halloween bowl because there’s normally treats in them! I guess I’m also a sucker for more practical pieces that I can use and enjoy repeatedly (which probably explains positions 3 and 2) and this little guy could surely be around all year. I love his unusual design and for £6 out of TK Maxx I think he’s a little gem.


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