Clouds, Dinosaurs and a Llama

I’ve recently been looking up stationery bits and bobs for myself and, as is always the case with stationery, I have found a lot of cute stuff! I realise that this post would have been much more helpful a few weeks back before everyone had returned to school/college/university, but I still wanted to share some of my favourite finds!

Toucan Ballpoint Pens

Hobbycraft Toucan ballpoint pens

Being completely honest, I already have these! However they popped up during my search and I love them so much that I decided to include them. They’re sparkly and pretty and feel nice to write with (in black ink – a must). I actually use them everyday at work and they are great at standing out when I inevitably lose one! You can get them from Hobbycraft as a 4 pack and at £2 a pack, they’re a shimmery, glittery steal!

Stabilo Boss Pastel Highlighters

Ryman Stabilo Pastel

These pastel beauties have actually been on my ‘to purchase’ list for a while now. The iconic Stabilo Boss highlighter but in pastel colours! I definitely wish I had these during school and university; my study notes would have looked so much cuter. You can grab a wallet of 6 beautiful colours from Rymans for £4.99.

Mustard Origami Page Markers

Ryman Mustard Origami Page Markers2

Speaking of cute study notes; these would also have been an adorable addition! These page markers look ideal for marking important notebook pages and are REUSABLE. I unfortunately don’t have much need for these now, no matter how much I want to use them, but one of you guys might find them as useful as they are cute. They’re also available at Rymans; this time as a 100 pack for £3.99.

T-Rex Clipit Set

Paperchase T-rex clipit set

Of course you could also use these quirky T-Rex paperclips to mark important notebook pages AND keep pages organised! These dino babies are actually sold as part of a hanging photo/note holder set but at the end of the day they are paperclips and can obviously be used as such!. At £8 for a pack of 6 (plus string and some wall suckers), they are a little on the pricey side but they are from Paperchase, so you do expect the price to be that bit higher.

Notes to Self Sticky Notes


What desk space wouldn’t be complete without some sticky notes! We have another great find from Rymans here: a set of 4 sticky note pads, a pen and magnetic board for £7.99. The highlight of course being the 4 sticky pad designs; they’re absolutely brutal in their honesty and made me laugh at how much they ring true. I mean let’s face it, who can say they haven’t associated with these at least a few times in their life! Personally, I could use the whole set up rather quickly!

Stylin’ Whammy Sharpener

Smiggle Stylin' Whammy Sharpener

I know it’s not everyone who uses pencils but for those of you who do… look how cute this sharpener is! It’s from Smiggle, who I guess are targeting their products at kids but honesty I love the look of some of their stuff. This sharpener is just £3 which I thought was decent for a 3 holed sharpener with such a fun design. You get plain, boring ones for much the same price after all.

Kawaii Kool Cloud Mini Raindrop Erasers

Paperchase Kawaii Cool Cloud

So if you’re using a sharpener you’ll also need an eraser at some point right? How about this Kawaii Kool cloud eraser and mini raindrop erasers! I love his cheeky little face, it’s just such a nice set. Of course the problem is, I like him so much that I would end up never using him! You can grab this cheeky guy from Paperchase for a reasonable £3.50.

Llama Hard Shell Pencil Case

Ryman Llama Hard Shell Box Pencil Case

Finally, we of course need something to keep everything in! We have another gem here from Rymans coming in at £5.99. I absolutely adore this case. There’s pretty pastels, llamas are just super cute and I love stupid, cringe worthy word play. It’s also one of those hard shell box cases which I quite like AND it has internal pockets! Like to keep things organised? Well no prob-llama!

I must say I was most pleasantly surprised by Rymans; they really have a great range of adorable stuff. Do any of you guys have something you would like to add? I love looking at cute stationery!


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