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Don’t freak out but its less than 2 weeks until Halloween! Huh? Okay, so I guess technically Halloween is 5 and a bit weeks away but we all know it really starts on October 1st right? Either way you guys are probably getting ready for some spooky fun and fashion so I’m very excited to announce that my Halloween range is now LIVE! I would love if you could take a look on my Etsy, but here’s a little introduction.



Let’s start out with my skull choker and earrings set. I’ve actually had these on my store for some time, but they’re perfect for Halloween! The skulls are made from Howlite; a gemstone that is used by many people to relieve stress due to its believed calming energy. You can choose between pink or ivory Howlite and the choker features black velvet ribbon which is just gorgeous on.



Another piece I’ve had up on my store for a while are these kitty hair bows. The black and white finish coupled with the popular witches familiar is a great look for Halloween. Oh, and did I mention that they, GLOW IN THE DARK? These magical familiars will charge up in the light and glow once the lights go out. Perfect!



These were one of my Halloween pieces from last year and are one of my favourites so here they are again! These adorable, cartoony stud earrings are so dainty giving a more subtle Halloween pop to your outfit. I offer these studs on a Mix & Match so you can create your perfect pair! I personally love a gravestone and dancing skeleton pair up, how about you guys?



These Disney pins were a hit last year so now they’re back! Mickey and Minnie are all dressed up in some spooky costumes ready to join in with the Halloween fun too! Each one is made of plastic and securely attached to a pin back. If pins aren’t your thing though they also come as…



…necklaces! The same adorable Mickey and Minnie but this time attached to silver plated chain. There’s always time for Disney in your life, even at Halloween!



These hair bows showcase everything we love about Halloween: skulls and pumpkins, bats and cats, potions and candy! They are made from 100% cotton and are bound to add a spooky cute vibe to your look.



We’re moving away from pastels for now and swapping them for glittery potions; a must have for Halloween! After all, all the best Witches keep a little bottle of magic on them!  With 5 designs to choose from in a variety of colours, you can find your perfect potion partner. Which one do you feel calling to you?



Who needs a pair of pretty blues when you can have a pretty little blue on your hand! New for this year are my eyeball rings. Similar to my Mix & Match stud earrings, these rings are colourful and cartoony and bound to draw attention! Dare I say that I think these are really cute?!



I’m bringing you even more Disney this year but this time we have some fabulous villainesses! You can definitely add a touch of evil to your outfit with one of these lovely ladies, or perhaps they would make the perfect partner in crime alongside your Halloween costume? Who’s your favourite from the line up though: Ursula, Maleficent or Cruella?



Who says you can’t show your love for Star Wars at Halloween? These hair bows are ready and waiting for some spooky Star Wars antics: skeleton Darth Vader, ghost R2-D2 and pumpkin Yoda! Better still, they GLOW IN THE DARK! The little skeleton Vaders and ghost R2-D2s will charge up in the light then glow up after the dark side takes over.


I have saved my personal favourite until last: my new creepy cute flower skulls! The two larger skulls are available as necklaces whilst the smallest skulls are available as earrings. You can choose from 4 different finishes: pink or lilac with either a pastel or gothic flower design. The skulls are made from wood which I have primed and layered with enamel so that the surface is more durable. The lovely wood grain texture is still preserved though which, alongside the pastels and flowers, gives this perfect creepy cute aesthetic!

I had so much fun making these pieces and I’m very happy with them; I hope you guys like them too! If you fancy treating yourself to something, my small business and I would be very grateful. Enjoy the run up to Halloween!



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