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For the past while there have been 3 phone apps that, alongside my social media, have become quite the daily staple. Two of them have actually managed to embed themselves into my routine and the other is a very handy stress reliever! I thought that since I was enjoying them so much I would share them with you all and hopefully spread the boyfriends, cute girls and money.

Lets start with money: HQ Trivia!

Unsurprisingly, HQ Trivia is a trivia app. It runs a live quiz every weekday at 3pm BST and everyday at 9pm BST that consists of 12 multiple choice questions which start off easy then build in difficulty as you go along. You do have the opportunity to win actual money though! The prize is usually £1000 but can be more on special occasions and while you can technically win £1000 all to yourself, to do this you would have to be the ONLY person out of everyone playing to get all 12 questions right. This is obviously highly unlikely but a slice of that £1000 is definitely still up for grabs. It may only be a little win at a time, but wins add up!

When you sign up you have the option to add a referral code which gives an extra life to whoever referred you. If any of you decide to use the app my referral code is missmagick and I would appreciate the extra lives, I very much need them! Full disclosure, I haven’t won a single game yet and probably wont without a stroke of luck. This is definitely an app for people who are the opposite of me and have some good general knowledge. Either way, there’s no downside to playing so why not try a game or two and good luck!

Next up is those cute girls: Pastel Girl!

Pastel Girl is a dress up doll game. It is SO adorable and actually pretty comprehensive. Just to give you an idea, there are 56 different eyebrows to choose from. Yes, just the eyebrows! You can also customize the fringe separately from the rest of the hair AND then add extras like buns and ponytails. There are a tonne of clothing and accessory combinations, some of which allowing different poses for your doll. One of the best bits though is that some options are animated, so you can have those sparkling anime eyes or cute animals moving about in your arms.

On a more serious note with this app though, as well as using it when I’m bored or have some time to kill, I find it really good for de-stressing. It plays cute, relaxing music throughout and it doesn’t take too much mental effort to play. When my brain starts to become too noisy or I’m getting worked up over something, I’ve found it a great distraction. If you get anxious or stressed out easily, maybe it can help you too.

Finally we have boyfriends: Samurai Love Ballad PARTY!

Samurai Love Ballad PARTY is an Otome romance game featuring characters based off of (very loosely I imagine) Japanese historical figures. On top of the main story, this game has a lot of different things you can do on the side as well as story events and special events throughout the year. I am actually planning on writing a dedicated post to this game because of this so please look forward to it!

The game currently features a main cast of 15. Aside from one story, you choose a pair to start off with and play the starter route for both of those characters. At the end of this you then choose who you want to follow and ultimately end up with. Throughout the game you make choices which determine what ending you can get but it is mostly story based. Just as a warning, the game has a PEGI 12 rating but there are sexual scenes in every story I have read so far. They range from mild suggestions to more detailed scenes but there is no explicit language or visuals. It is free to play but you have a limit on how much you can play per day. You get 5 Love Passes a day which equals to about half a chapter. Though of course there are in game purchases that allow you more Love Passes.

It was just under a year ago I think that an advert for the game randomly popped up on Facebook and I decided to download it. No word of a lie, I have played this game everyday since! It has become a daily ritual to just play the little half chapter every night before going to bed. If you like Otome games, this is a well put together game with thought out stories, nice artwork throughout and even some voice acting for the newer and soon to be released characters!

So do any of you guys have apps that you just can’t leave alone? Maybe some of you even play these ones?! I’d love to hear from you!



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  • Silver

    I love Samurai Love Ballad too! If you ever get an event epilogue, it’s often a bit more explicit with certain things than a main story is. A nice compliment to this app is Ikemen Sengoku. A modern woman (your character) is sightseeing in Kyoto when all the sudden she’s in a burning building! Noticing a man who she believes to be an actor, she wakes him and runs out of there. The man she saved introduces himself as Nobunaga Oda and the building was Honnoji. There are 9 men to choose from so far,each with 2 endings and more to come.

      • Silver

        Ikemen Sengoku is so popular that it has a silly spin-off anime with 12 short episodes, a manga based off of Nobunaga’s route, and several stage plays in Japan. I found the app after watching the anime on Crunchyroll. I don’t have a favorite route yet, but I think Kenshin is the sexiest.

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