Schitt’s Creek

There’s nothing I like more than some good old gay in my media. That is, if it’s well written. Otherwise it just feels hollow and I get excited to see it but ultimately end up disappointed. Luckily there are shows out there that hit the mark and after eagerly finishing all 4 seasons, Schitt’s Creek is my most recent wonderfully queer find. A few light spoilers lie ahead (the most obvious being who the LGBTQ+ character is) but I won’t mention any specific relationships because that would ruin the fun!

Left to right: Moira, Johnny, David and Alexis.

Meet the Rose family. After losing their fortune they are forced to live in the little town of Schitt’s Creek, much to their despair. The series follows the Rose’s as they try to adapt from their lavish, big city lifestyles to modest, small town life; with hilarious results. I found it easy to watch but I know it is the kind of show that some may find grating at first due to the Rose’s over the top personalities. However, once you adjust to their ‘quirks’ and let the story progress you are greatly rewarded for watching. You get to see them integrate into the town and even start befriending and caring for the residents they initially tried so hard to stay away from. They all grow as characters and end up as different, better people. This show is honestly, uniquely funny and gifted me with so many laugh out loud moments.

I find every single member of the Rose family to be a funny, interesting character that is brilliant to watch. However today the spotlight is on David Rose, who in the first season we find out is pansexual. In David’s own words:

“I do drink red wine but I also drink white wine, and I’ve been known to sample the occasional rosé and… a merlot that used to be a chardonnay… I like the wine and not the label.”

I think this has to be my first time seeing the portrayal of a pansexual character and I’m pleased to say that he is well written. His story and character development don’t revolve around his sexuality. It is 100% involved in the plot; as he encounters new people and relationships, but it is not all he is. His pansexuality is shown as just one of the many facets to him as a character; as it should be.

David; in the most romantic scene of all 4 seasons. It’s simply the best.

We also encounter other LGBTQ+ and ‘non-conforming’ personalities, including a misguided polyamorous, non-straight (specific sexuality not confirmed) character and a gay character discovering their sexuality.

I can’t deny that, as a woman in a relationship with another woman, I do have a soft spot for queer characters in my media. However, this hasn’t influenced my judgment on the quality of Schitt’s Creek as a whole; even if David was straight the series is well worth watching. In fact, I wouldn’t even say David was my clear favourite! His sister Alexis is equally as funny and enjoyable to watch. The series could definitely hold up on it’s own as a personal favourite without the LGBTQ+ representation. Though, I must admit, it does make it that little bit better.

Go and watch all 4 seasons on Netflix (or elsewhere) now!



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