My Pleasant Shopping Surprise

I would say I have shopped from ASDA fairly regularly throughout my life but my purchases have mostly been food, toiletries and the occasional piece of clothing. However I had some time to kill on a recent-ish visit and had a little wander over to Homeware. Now, I have never before thought about ASDA for buying ornaments and the like. Thinking about it, I must have just forgotten they even have a Homeware section! I was pleasantly surprised though at the amount of adorable pieces they had available and, to be expected of ASDA, at such brilliant prices! No doubt about it, I will definitely be visiting again.

I would like to share with you the three pieces I bought but also some others that I had to fight the temptation to buy. It was so difficult not to go overboard! If you like, please click on the photos to be taken to the specific items on the ASDA site.


I know it’s usually ‘save the best till last’ but I wanted to start with my favourite. This gorgeous girl is made out of ceramic with lovely hand painted details. She started out at the reasonable price of £5 but is now on sale at only £3.50! She is about the height of my hand (16cm) so that’s a lot of pretty unicorn goodness for those few pounds! Unfortunately, she is out of stock on the website but you’ll maybe be able to snap her up at your local store like I did!


Though he’s been named a geometric Stegosaurus; I think he is probably supposed to mimic an origami figure, which is what I first thought of when I seen him. This little guy is made of porcelain and has been left un-glazed so there’s this lovely raw finish to him. He was a meager £4 to start off with but is now on sale at just £3! He isn’t even small, standing only slightly below my unicorn at 12cm but making that up by being a few centimeters longer. Unfortunately, he is also out of stock on the website (I promise no more from now on) but you may again be lucky and find him!

Cactus Tealight

Another ceramic piece but this time it isn’t entirely ornamental. This lovely little cactus can hold a tealight though it makes a cute decorative piece either way. It stands about the height of my palm (8cm) and for this you can expect to pay the wonderful price of £3! There is even a matching vase if you so desire and no doubt they would look great together.

Cactus Clock

Keeping with the cactus theme a little longer, we have this adorable cactus clock. This is the first out of the basket of pieces I stopped myself from buying. I don’t need a wall clock. I already have a wall clock. I have no space for another wall clock! So sadly, it stayed on the shelf. It is £8 which I would say is a great price. The print on the front looked nice and clear and it’s a good sized clock at 27cm; almost a rulers width! It definitely looked like it should cost more.

Flamingo Clock.png

Okay, so sitting practically next door was this beauty. I clearly need to get a house with lots of rooms so I can have a pretty clock in each one! This clock is basically a copy of the last one bar the design; it is also 27cm with a nice quality print and costs £8. I needed to include it though because pretty pink flamingos!

Unicorn Bust

Of course there’s another unicorn on the list, I’d be worried if there wasn’t! This one is a good size bigger than the last one though; standing at 25cm tall. He’s made of resin and was originally a reasonable £10 but is now on sale at £7.  Although he looks lovely as is, I thought he would turn out really cute if I painted his mane and possibly added some sparkly bits. In fact, if you look at the reviews section on his item page you’ll actually see that people have been doing just that!


To finish up we have this lovely little dish at an amazing £2! It is being advertised as a teabag rest but I personally thought it would be cute as a dish for holding odds and ends. It’s a good size at 12cm x 8cm, not quite hand sized but not too far off. To be honest, I think I regret not getting it so I might just have to go back and look for it… The dish actually matches with a teapot set if you fancied using it as a teabag rest instead. I must admit they do make an adorable little set!

While looking for these specific items, I noticed that the Home and Garden section on the ASDA website actually has even more great priced, hidden gems. Do you guys have any to share? Perhaps from other supermarkets? I’d love to make a new shopping list!



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