I love TK Maxx

Just as the title suggests: I love TK Maxx. Though more specifically I love the knick knack home section in TK Maxx. I frequently browse their bags, occasionally their shoes, rarely their clothes but I always browse their home accessories. Unfortunately for my savings though, my local TK Maxx is also on my way home from work… and I’m weak to temptation… Anyway, this is my most recent haul that I technically didn’t get all at the same time but within a close time frame.


I seen this little cutie and instantly knew I wanted him. I already own a faux plant in a cat eared planter so I thought it’d get her a ceramic pot friend. However I actually almost never got my hands on him! He was in the bathroom aisle which, lets be honest, just isn’t as exciting as the other home accessory aisles. I normally only glance over it if I even end up wandering over there at all. This time I did though and thank the cat shaped inanimate object Gods because he looks adorable sitting on my shelf next to my planter. He’s also functional and holds some pens and paintbrushes for me! A great little buy at £3.99.


Easter season is in full swing which means there are bunnies everywhere! Not that I’m complaining since bunnies are adorable and right now they are normally paired with cute as hell pastel colours and chocolate. TK Maxx are no different and have a full table display at the moment with a few different styles and sizes of bunnies. This one was the cutest for me though; simple, small  design and a pure glossy white with just a hint of baby pink. She’s a perfect wee bun bun and was only £2.99.


What? Emma? This isn’t a knick knack! Well yes that’s true, but I did say I frequently browse their bags as well! Also, just look at it. How was I supposed to resist! It’s beautiful iridescent shimmer just called me over and mesmerised me into buying it. It was £19.99 which is a little more than I maybe would have liked to have paid for a bag that size (it’s quite dainty) but about what I expected for a TK Maxx bag.


This is probably the prettiest item for me out of my haul. I’m a sucker for cute florals and as a bonus, they’re in subtle pink, lilac and green shades on top of a mirror finish. Absolutely gorgeous (though a pain to photograph!). It was £4.99 which I think is pretty decent for a 7” x 9” frame with a 4” x 6” aperture. I have a few ideas about what photo I would like to put in it but this one is currently the top contender. What do you guys think?


While I think the frame is the prettiest item, this guy is definitely my favourite. He was also £4.99 and is actually a ceramic holder for the likes of potpourri or fragrance sachets. He opens up at the bottom for you to put your smelly stuff in and the fragrance comes out through the various holes. I was already sold on his subtle iridescent finish and chess piece like design but the additional feature was a nice bonus. The only thing that I would critique would be the paint job on his horn which is a little messy. Things like that usually bug me but the rest of him definitely made up for it.

These guys (minus the bag) are now hanging out on my bedroom shelf with all my other bits and pieces. There’s still plenty of space for more though, of course!

Have any of you guys picked up some cute knick knacks recently? I’d love to see them!


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