B: The Beginning

Netflix have recently released a new anime that honestly would have only taken me an evening to finish if I hadn’t have been working early the next morning. Instead it took me a still impressive two, and the episodes flew by. I was already eager for more by the end of the first episode when most shows can easily take two or three before achieving the same effect. This anime is of course called B: The Beginning.

***As a quick note, the following will not contain any major spoilers but will gloss over the basic plot. If you’re happy enough with this then please continue πŸ™‚ ***

This is Keith. He is smart.

B: The Beginning gave me this Death note vibe at first in that the plot is based around a super intelligent detective amidst police murder/ serious crime investigations that are linked to these supernatural type entities. Though with B: The Beginning it’s more like if the Shinigami in Death Note had their own drama going on in the background which gives this interesting double dynamic to the shows story. You’re following the human characters and their journey as well as the journey of the ‘supernatural’ people, and of course there is an inevitable overlap of the two worlds.


The first half of the anime builds your curiosity, leaving you with more questions than answers, while the second half is when the questions start getting answered and everything falls into place. I liked not having too much knowledge too soon but with the anime only having 12 episodes, this meant that a hell of a lot of information was given to us quite quickly. This also resulted in that less than desirable situation where a character explains a lot of information to another character, and ultimately the audience, instead of being able to show us. For this reason and since there are essentially 2 story lines to follow (though they do intersect) I do wish there were more episodes so the story wasn’t as rushed in places and so that we could have gotten a bit more backstory. I was particularly taken by the ‘supernatural’ characters and would have loved to have learned more about each of them. I mean look at them, they’re all so cool!


Alongside the interesting story is a good music score and beautiful visuals. Admittedly I don’t know much about the technicalities of animation but everything seemed fluid. Considering this anime has several fight scenes this is obviously important! It wasn’t just the animation however where it impressed me visually; the backgrounds in many scenes are simply gorgeous. I found so many of them contain such lovely details, textures and lighting.

Have another picture of this pretty boy. Cause he’s pretty.

For some reason (possibly because it’s a Netflix original) I wasn’t expecting much of a cast list but it actually has some notable voices. I’m perhaps showing my tastes here with the following but I feel like these are recognisable roles! The line-up includes: (surnames given first like the good weeb I am) Kaji Yuki: the voice of Todoroki from Boku no Hero Academia and Kenma from Haikyuu!, Morikawa Toshiyuki: Sephiroth; and Naraku from Inuyasha, Hirata Hiroaki: Sanji from One Piece, Koshimizu Ami: Ryuko from Kill la Kill, Toyonaga Toshiyuki: Yuuri from Yuuri on Ice, and Ishikawa Kaito who voices Kageyama from Haikyuu, Genos from One Punch Man and Iida Tenya from Boku no Hero Academia. I obviously need to give Netflix shows more credit in the future!


If you’re an anime loving, Netflix account owner (or borrower of someone else’s account) then I greatly recommend B: The Beginning. It has it’s flaws but I enjoyed it and feel it’s worth a watch. It’s also a more serious, less over the top “anime tropes” anime so I would even wager that casual viewers could enjoy it too!

Any of you guys have anime suggestions, Netflix ones or otherwise? I’m always on the lookout for new shows to add to my list!


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