Animals are the Best

Nobody can deny how awesome animals are (cause they’re awesome) but combine this awesomeness with the wonderful, crazy worlds of anime and you get some amazing and memorable characters! These characters are abundant in anime but this is a list of my current favourite five.

5. Hawk – The Seven Deadly Sins


At number 5 we have the amazing Sir Hawk, Captain of the knights of scraps disposal! This tough piggie is one you want on your side. He’s brave and frequently rushes in to help his friends even when outmatched. His dynamic in the group is amusing to watch as he repeatedly acts the ‘straight man’ character, getting annoyed by everyone’s antics while at the same time being ridiculous himself!

4. Kirara – Inuyasha


Next up we have the adorable Kirara. She is a Nekomata (Japanese mythological animals count okay!) that can transform from an adorable little button to a larger and more intimidating form. She mainly transforms when she’s defending her group and can easily carry someone on her back and even fly! This is usually her human companion Sango, who she will battle alongside. Kirara shares a strong bond with Sango; she’s fiercely loyal, cares for Sango and even tries to comfort her when she is sad!

3. Sadaharu – Gintama


Third is this big (and I mean BIG) white doggo with a little habit for head biting. Just like his owners, he likes to laze around most of the day but is there when people need him. Did I mention he was big? Well he’s also incredibly strong but his best friend Kagura has strength to match and their relationship is the cutest thing ever! Overall, he’s not the most well behaved doggo but of course he’s still a good doggo and that’s really fun to watch.

2. Karashi – H?zuki no Reitetsu


This is one bunny not to be messed with! Karashi is a minion of Hell, working to punish the deceased who are guilty of animal abuse, and has a real Jekyll and Hyde vibe going on. A human she loved was killed and ever since she has had this crazed angry side to her! Her usual self is incredibly cute though; she has this tiny, soft voice and is very polite and humble. She had to be number 2 for me because her character is so cute and still very much bunny like but also badass!

1. Shiro – H?zuki no Reitetsu


Finally we get to number 1! I am so weak for doggos so of course number 1 had to be a dog, and Shiro is such a good boy indeed! He’s another minion of Hell working to punish deceased animal abusers but unlike Karashi doesn’t have a scary side. He is 100% an adorable little goof 24/7; forever cheerful and singing away while being charmingly dim compared to his other animal minion counterparts (the poor dear). I just can’t resist this precious little bundle!

Favourites change all the time of course but these are my current top 5 animal characters. Anime definitely wouldn’t be the same without some non-human friends! Do you guys have any particular favourites?

I would like to thank Two Happy Cats for inspiring me to write this. They published a post on their top 5 anime dogs to celebrate Chinese New Year which made me excited to write my own similar list. You should go read it!


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