Hearts, Hearts and more Hearts

It’s the time of year where red and pink reign supreme and everywhere you look there are hearts, hearts and more hearts. Yes that’s right, it’s almost Valentines Day! Now I didn’t intentionally plan for this to happen, but it turns out that many of my pieces have hearts in them! So here I am, adding to the Valentines Day hype with a showcase of hearts. All of these pieces are currently available on my Etsy and if you’re in the UK ahem, um, they can still be posted out in time for Valentines Day.


Starting with the newest addition to my shop, these little lovelies are a perfect little gift extra! The hearts and lips are made from sturdy plastic, adhered to a silver plated adjustable ring base. Who wants boring rings when you can have glittery glam!


This pastel pretty is made from laser cut wooden hearts that have been hand painted with beautiful soft chalky finish paints. They were then coated in a matte sealer before being linked together with silver plated findings. This one is my pastel rainbow design but other colour combinations are available. If you’re looking for subtle pastel cute this is for you!


Next up we have a gaming classic, the iconic 8-Bit Heart that no adventurer should be without! I digitally created the image which was then printed onto black 3mm laser cut acrylic. The charms were then attached to a silver plated cable chain. Remember, it’s dangerous to go alone!

Please forgive the photo, it was one of the first that I never got round to updating!

Oh look another classic! This time of course for the anime Sailor Moon. The image is a recreation that I did of the Crisis Moon Compact, again created digitally and then printed onto 3mm laser cut acrylic. This time though, the acrylic is clear and the middle ‘crystal’ section of the charm has been made transparent! A cute, heart charm from Sailor Moon? It checks ALL the boxes!


Huh? Déjà vu? No, I just clearly like hearts, pastels and this jewellery stand! We have here another pastel pretty but this time featuring plastic heart padlock charms attached to a silver plated curb chain. Well, who doesn’t love a charm bracelet? There are also other colour combinations available if the rainbow design doesn’t tickle your fancy!


Oh dear. Well. They’re not the main focus but these ‘Personal Space’ chokers still have hearts in them, three in fact so I think that counts! Each one of these chokers features an organza ribbon attached to a silver plated adjustable closure after the beads have been added. The colours are customizable so you can have whatever ribbon/heart colour combination you desire. A fan of personal space? Then these were made for you!

That’s it, no more hearts. Come on don’t be so happy about that! Well, if any of you are interested in any of these pieces and can still stomach seeing some hearts please check out my Etsy. I hope you all have a great Valentines Day. Taken or single, no matter what you’re doing.


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