Trying to get Organised

It’s only just February so I’m totally allowed to write this post right…? Well, even if I’m late to the party I took pretty photos that needed to be shared and honestly it’s never too late to get organised!

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I wanted to try out a better way of organising myself this year than scribbles on post it notes and scraps of paper. I came across this Noted Watercolour Luxury Planner from Hobbycraft for £22 and it may be just a tad overboard for what I need but it was so pretty that my need for cute pastel things won over the rational part of my brain.

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The planner is a sturdy ring binder made out of leatherette. It seems really well made and as you can see features gorgeous pastel shades of pink, blue and yellow with gold polka dots and matching gold metal features. The inner cover has 2 pockets, a pocket flap and a zipped compartment. All of these are more suited to flat things like paper, stickers, paperclips and the like.

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The actual planner is separated with dividers titled for each of the 12 months. The cover divider for each month features different beautiful designs but every page in this planner is subtly designed to tie the overall presentation together nicely. Within each months section are 4 subsections: My Sketches, My Month, My Week and My Notes. My Month is a sort of overview of the entire month while My Week is made up of several pages giving you a nice sized section for every day. Something to note about this planner however is that it is not specifically dated. You need to write in the date for every day in each month which I’m guessing is what the empty circles are for.

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There is also a coordinated range of accessories for this planner such as to-do list and shopping list inserts, clear zipped inserts, post it note style stickers and the stickers pictured above. These little stickers were my favourite and are going to be a perfect, cute addition to my scribblings!

Overall if I allow myself to think critically, I would have liked a little more for my £22. I do wish the planner was specifically dated for 2018 and annoyingly there isn’t a refill pack available. Once the year is up I do still have a nice ring binder to use but other than making up my own inserts or buying plain ones I don’t have much else I can do with it. It is a well made planner though that I trust to protect the pages inside, but most of all it’s so damn pretty!

I wish you all a happy, organised year! Any of you already have cute planners/diaries? I’d love to see!


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